The most amazing sandos

Wow. Where do I even begin – I’ve just had the most amazing katsu sandos of my life. Because seeing is believing:

From left to right: ebi katsu, tamago katsu, pork katsu sandos! These beauts are from Esora, which I brought Tdy for his birthday previously. They do a kaiseki that is based on the 4 seasons and what I enjoyed most tbh was their tea pairing, which was incredibly innovative.

More on the sandos – our fave of the lot was the pork katsu. The pork wasn’t too tough (the way cutlets tend to be) and the addition of the shiso? Chef’s kiss. It was one of those where I ate it and I immediately went OMG. Not to be missed.

That’s not to say the ebi katsu and the tamago sandos weren’t great; they were all top-notch too but it’s just that the pork completely floored me. Overall: an excellent lunch to celebrate the start of the weekend. 100/100 worth the price, and I’d be happy to order again for a special occasion.

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