A Tale of Two Steaks

November is always the most extravagant month of the year, and this year is no exception (ain’t gonna let 2020 get in the way of my no holds barred November!!). I got to try two new steak places this month: Keef the Beef and Wolfgang’s!

First: Wolfgang’s. Not to be mistaken for Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse, this is Wolfgang’s of the Peter Luger fame. Admittedly it’s been 7 years since I had Peter Luger in NYC and I cannot remember my meal. That said, I had plenty of expectations coming into the meal because it is, after all, a global brand and with eye watering prices to match. If you’re going to be charging such prices, you better deliver on the experience.

And deliver they did.

Warning: the Wolfgang’s salad is more meat than salad, comprising mostly of thicc cut bacon, lobster and beefy tomatoes. Please read the description (I… don’t know what I was expecting). Thick cut bacon is a Peter Luger signature; so.. good but not necessarily memorable. Ah, but the steak, the steak is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. And as it should be, because this is a steakhouse!!

The dry aging really intensified the beefiness of the steak, and so, it became a super rich meal. The flavour was incredibly intense and it was cooked perfectly – I had never ordered a filet mignon willingly, but the filet mignon that came with the porterhouse cut was incredibly tender. One of the greatest pieces of meat I’ve had this year. Sides were decent, though the star of the show was the beef (rightfully so).

Keef the Beef couldn’t be further away from Wolfgang’s in terms of vibe and price. Located in a very secluded part of Singapore, surrounded by a dense forest, in a tiny corner known as The Hideaway, this place is the exact opposite of Wolfgang’s (in a hotel by the Singapore river !!). We made the decision to order a takeaway 800g ribeye, with was served with kimchi, white corn and twice cooked rosemary chips.

I was completely blown away by this very humble steak. After a 25 minute journey home, the steak was perfect (still medium rare, YASSSSS). There were instructions on reheating the steak but we were too lazy.. oops. I don’t think we missed out on anything because it was still perfect. If takeout steak could be this good, wow, restaurants really have some serious competition! This is my favourite steak in Singapore right now. Sides are also not to be missed out on; I loved that they served (good) kimchi, which helps cut through the fat, and their herby hand cut chips are pretty special. The white corn was a nice touch.

While Wolfgang’s was a gastronomic journey into how beef can reach its maximum potential, I couldn’t eat as much as I normally would without starting to feel sick. This is a problem I didn’t have with Keef – it was just right. Price wise, Wolfgang’s is really pricey (thank you Changs and TQ for the birthday treat!), but the ambience and service are spot on – you do pay for what you get. I would save Wolfgang’s for a special celebration with a carnivore, but Keef the Beef would be my reliable go to. I foresee more Keef the Beef in my immediate future..

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore: 1 Nanson Road #02-01 InterContinental Singapore, Robertson Quay, 238909; Keef the Beef: 251A Arcadia Rd, Singapore 289848

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