Masseria Moroseta

As the world is mostly stuck in lockdown at the moment, with almost zero movement between borders, I have taken to reminiscing on past trips taken in order to quell the travel itch. It kinda sucks having to postpone and rebook a honeymoon that both Tdy and myself were looking forward to, but I think this prolonged period indoors has made us cherish and appreciate the relative ease at which we could travel. This time last year, we were in Europe with Chok & Yvonne, discovering a gem in Puglia..

The idea of refurbished masserias is a very Puglian thing – there are plenty of such modern farms in sprawling estates (masseria) dotted in Puglia. To get there, we flew from Singapore to Milan, took a local flight from Milan to Brindisi, and drove about 30 mins to reach paradise.

It isn’t necessarily the most luxurious nor sprawling compound; most of the land mass is taken up by Masseria Moroseta’s olive groves. It is simple, laidback, and effortlessly stunning.

Did I mention the breakfasts…?

This is the golden standard for breakfasts. Made with locally sourced ingredients (and with ingredients from the masseria whenever possible), Masseria Moroseta completely redefines continental breakfast. Breakfast always comprised of: a baked goods basket, bread, a type of cheese, a vegetable / fruit dish, and yogurt with compote. There’s always a fresh fruit juice and obviously, Italian coffee (seriously yummy). And if you’re lucky, the creamiest, most buttery scrambled eggs are offered, with a side of prosciutto. My only regret was that my stomach couldn’t fit all the food they were feeding us.

They also do a wonderful stay-in 4-course dinner at €60 per head, that includes wine pairings at each course, which I highly recommend. I still think about the octopus ragu served today.

But the real draw of Masseria Moroseta is how calm and still it is, which forces one to slow down and savour life. Perhaps it’s because we were halfway around the world, as far as we could get from our usual lives. I still cannot believe a place like this exists in the world and makes me wonder if this is how we are actually meant to live instead.

On a more practical note, Masseria Moroseta is a great base to explore neighbouring towns like Polignano a Mare, Otrento, and Matera in the day, with enough time to get back to the Masseria for an aperitivo. But really, with a space like this, the temptation to stay in and lounge is real.

… I am already counting down the days till we go back.

[Edit (4 May 2020): This post was written before the entire incident blew up on Instagram and is based solely on my experience there in April 2019 (which I enjoyed!) and made me want to return.]

Masseria Moroseta:

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