Bangkok: Mother May I

I didn’t have any expectations coming into here – I just knew it was going to be picturesque and the ambience, really chill. Gotta say that this is the best dining spot this trip (in terms of price / ambience / food combined): set in a colonial bungalow with a patio for outdoor dining and lush greenery, Mother May I is an absolute winner with its easy, nautical themed setting and homey cooking. I will return when I’m next back for sure!

Thai herbal drink and Thai milk tea. Finally my request for a less sweet milk tea was perfectly executed!! Did not feel like I was going to die from diabetes and the tea taste was strong enough.. I usually don’t drink thai milk tea because it’s usually too sweet for me (my coffees and teas are always without sugar). I would drink this again. Wanting to try something new, Jac got the herbal drink. It was a funky drink indeed – it tasted both sour and grassy. Not sure if we’d try this again..Stir fried chayote and the winning dish – riceberry rice in coconut!! Costs approximately S$4 (95 baht) per serving and it is the best S$4 ever spent on rice – this is the dish I’d return for. It does remind me of the rice used in pulot hitam (sweet black glutinous rice porridge served with a drizzle or lashings of coconut milk, depending on how health conscious one is), except it is somehow significantly more fragrant and is eaten as the main staple here! The cooked (steamed?) coconut is the absolute best and is literally the dish that keeps on giving – after finishing the rice, scrape the remaining coconut flesh off and dessert is sorted, just like that. I emphasise enough how amaziiiiiing this was – probably the dish that made the trip. And it is just rice. Stir fried liang vegetables with egg – simple, yet comforting. Stir fried wagyu with Thai herbs – not sure how I feel about using wagyu beef in a stir fry: to me, good beef should be left alone and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. That said, this was spicy and fragrant (everything one needs in a stir fry!) and the beef, tender. However, it’s pretty pricey for the portion (235 baht)! Loved the 4-point wing beans tossed into the stir fry which added some crunch to the dish. Omelette with green tobiko – there’s just something about Thai omelettes that makes them insanely addictive, don’t you agree?! Don’t think that the tobiko added much to the omelette, but this was pretty decent. Can’t fault it.Tomyum seafood soup to share! This hit the spot even though I wish it were a bit more spicy and sour (though I’d probably regret it!!!). A decent bowl of soup that won’t set your mouth on fire for sure – great for beginners and tourists.

In all, I’d have to say I really liked Mother May I because it was the most well rounded dining experience I had this round in Bangkok. I wouldn’t say the food was particularly mind-blowing, but I don’t think it’s meant to be; it is home cooked food after all. I definitely preferred this to The Never Ending Summer as the price point is a lot friendlier and the ambience is just as chill (can’t beat the décor of The Never Ending Summer but it’s so pricey), tucked away from the crowds. I’d definitely come back to try more items, we barely made a dent in its 16-page menu..

Location: 26/2 Sukhumvit Soi 59, Bangkok, Thailand

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