London: Pachamama

How do I even begin to describe this meal? It seems like sharing plates have become the norm in London – not complaining because it just means more variety! Pachamama was the first time I had Peruvian and yes, Peruvian is more than just ceviche. The sea bream ceviche with passionfruit, kumquat and ponzu went amazingly well with the coriander and had a spicy kick at the end. Definitely worth a try. Of particular mention are (i) the crab and yuca churros and (ii) the quinoa del mar, comprising tomato quinoa, with a leafy vegetable that may or may not be kale and lots of seafood – hands down our favourite for the night.

I was mighty impressed with Pachamama and I cannot recommend it enough. Now I really want to try more Peruvian…

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