Honest Burgers

The Burger Chronicles continue.

I finally, finally, FINALLY tried Honest. Slowly making my way through my burger list PLUS since ZX raves about them all the time (they’re her fave) and Tess loves their chips, I had to taste them for myself!!! Went during lunch hour and we were incredibly lucky to score a seat immediately.

Honest is really simple – 3-4 varieties of burgers, chz burger, honest burger, chkn burger & veggie fritter burger which honestly sounded pretty good. Maybe I’ll give it a shot one day. This strategy of offering a small range of burgers is quite a smart one – focusing on fewer things ensures that the quality across the board is higher, and I guess also means burgers are churned out at a faster rate = HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

Anyway on to the burgers – on first glance it looked quite small but I was so full after the meal – when will I ever learn not to ever underestimate the size of the burgers. One thing that really struck me was how neat the burgers were. This isn’t a messy burger joint like AF or Meatliquor.. the patty is thick and there’s only one patty (more than enough!). I chose mine to be done medium, and on hindsight should hv really asked for medium rare.. but nevermind. I felt the patty was a bit dry for my liking even tho it was done to the right amount of pinkiness. But on all grounds, it’s still is a good burger. The red onion relish (in the Honest burger, which was what I had) added some sweetness to counter all the savoury in the burger. And yes, it went brilliantly with the bacon. I LOVE BACON. Zx thinks that the burger is let down by the bun.. which I don’t think is anything ‘bad’ per se, but I hv to admit this bun was quite forgettable. Patty&bun still has the best bun, imo.

THE AMAZING ROSEMARY SALT FRIES. I will return to Honest for the fries alone – it is THAT good. There is a right amount of salt and the rosemary is strong enough. More often than not for most places when they advertise their chips with some form of herb salt, I always find the herb too subtle for my liking but NOT HONEST! I have finally found the best chips to go with burgers!!!!! Zx had the coleslaw as well, which was a good coleslaw, great crunch, not too creamy, and I love how they used red cabbage.

Anyway, honest is worth checking out if….. you are vegetarian (I swear the veggie burger really sounds amazing)/in the area/like thick burger patties/like burgers that aren’t messy/YOU LOVE CHIPS LIKE I DO. Btw, PRICES ARE SO REASONABLE FOR LONDON. Everything is Ā£9 and under (except The Federation burger) and comes with chips. Loads of people were ordering the lemonade when I was there, so give that a shot. Watch out for the queue – go at odd hours, or in small groups!


Honest Burgers
4 Meard Street

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  1. rj says:


    1. I MISS IT TOO. don’t complain you’re in US where your catered food is AMAZING

  2. Pheebz says:

    Ahh I just blogged about Honest Burgers today too šŸ™‚ I thought my patty was really succulent – maybe yours was a little overcooked? Glad to see that we agree on the rosemary chips. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about them…

    1. mine was cooked perfectly – medium as suggested by my server! but maybe i really shldve gone for medium rare cos that’s what I usually take.. maybe i should give it another shot then šŸ™‚ ANY EXCUSE TO GO BACK FOR THE FRIES

      1. Pheebz says:

        I like your thinking! Bring on the rosemary chips! šŸ˜€

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