June 2012: SQ 327, MUC-SIN

Back in hot, humid and stuffy Singapore, but I’m loving the weather very much. Think I’ve become pretty English since all I can do nowadays is appreciate the heat and the sun.. being weather-obsessed is so English. Anyway, as always on the flight home I completely stuffed myself with food – okay I didn’t exactly, I just ordered everything so I could try a bit of everything!!! (I know I am a greedy bum). No pictures of food from MAN-MUC (that’s Manchester to Munich) because I um, was sleeping and I didn’t get good food, got a prepackaged egg/ham/chz sandwich in Economy!

poached lobster with confit of eggplant and capsicum, balsamic vinaigrette

THANK YOU SQ FOR ALWAYS HAVING LOBSTER AS A STARTER. I know I can always count on you. This as always, is a brilliant start to the meal. Oh wait, that’s if you don’t count the satay which I had before the lobster. Crap, I really ate a lot!!! But the satay was good (no pictures sorry cos everyone was already judging me for taking pictures of food – my excuse is that I am Singaporean) as usual. Anyway this!!!! The lobster was fresh, and it was juicy but there was just some oomph lacking, definitely didn’t beat the lobster served here and here. The grilled vegetables were chockful of flavour and saved this dish.

Fennel cream soup with mint, seared scallop & pasta
I liked the tinge of mint in this soup! And I know it looks very unappetising but this wasn’t as bad as it looked. The scallops didn’t really add any sort of flavour to the fennel soup, but was there for chewiness I suppose. The pasta shape was different & this soup is pretty unique. I wanted the tom yam soup but they ran out 😦

salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Cos everyone needs to eat their greens!

Seared tournedos of beef in green peppercorn jus, sauteed morels, baby carrot and gratin potatoes
I thought the beef would be extremely tough, but it was actually done quite well and was chewy with the right amount of bite! I think they microwave the entire dish at one go, which is probably why it resulted in the potatoes not being cooked through completely and was a bit crunchy? But how can I complain really, eating such good food on the plane! I have no idea what morels are, except they taste like crunchy mushrooms and biting into them feels like eating black fungus. It is salty and oh so yummy. The baby carrots were not too soft, the way I like them! I only wished the peppercorn jus was a bit more peppery but this is as good as main courses get!

Red wine jelly with berries
They ran out of the chocolate cake that I wanted so I settled for this. This was a light end to the meal. The jelly came in some mango soup which I suppose, didn’t make the entire dessert so tart. I really liked it. Other than the fact that I was a glutton and ate every single course before this, I would have polished this off!

Can’t wait for the next meal! Till next time super travellers!

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  1. rebs says:

    you make airplane food look good! 😛

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