San Carlo (I)

There is a reason why San Carlo is known as the best restaurant in Manchester. It’s simple really, the food is good. I went there on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of exams (yes obviously, priorities..) with my foodie buddies C & T. San Carlo is an italian restaurant owned by well, Italians who really take their food seriously. The service was good, the menu, extensive and the cooking does live up to its reputation.

What I like most about San Carlo is the crazy long list of dishes offered. And the thing is, everything we ordered was good! I can’t say the same for most restaurants I’ve been in though. BTW: I did bring my camera to the restaurant, except it DIED on me before I could take my first photo…

Calvin’s scallops which were a bit spicy…

T’s mussels which were never ending (you could eat this as a main) with such rich sauce which we mopped up with bread that the waiters served us. Well done there, San Carlo. For £7.35, I think this is actually very value for money in such a chi-chi restaurant like this.

Scampi risotto – recommended dish because the risotto must have been cooked in some sort of stock, and in turn this brings out the flavour of the scampi! Very yummy. The prawns, if I recall correctly were a bit softer (but that’s the way it has been cooked).

Spaghetti with prawns

Lobster Tagliolini – a San Carlo ‘classic’. Few things – I didn’t expect them to use fresh egg pasta. I didn’t expect it to be tomato based either.. but I suppose it’s because most places in the UK don’t actually serve up aglio olio style pastas? WHY, I QUESTION ONCE AGAIN, WHY. Nonetheless, other than the peas which I meticulously picked out, this dish was EXCELLENT and worth every accolade that has been dished upon it. A flash of brandy, chockful with lobster chunks and sun blushed tomato, this is a winner. (£17.80)

A selection of desserts, £5.35 pp (min 2 orders)
I can’t seem to find a picture of Tess’ tiramisu, but anyway, this selection of desserts is forgettable. The only one that really stands out is the tiramisu. It is impossibly light and fluffy, and is moist enough. Perfect!!!! Forget everything else, just order the tiramisu.

I’m coming back here again next week for another friend’s birthday & will try more things on the menu then. Nonetheless, I was really full after the meal, even after giving Calvin a quarter of my pasta. I still think about that lobster pasta sometimes…

San Carlo
42 Kings St West,
M3 2WY

Reservations highly recommended. Also, it attracts celebrities if you’re into that kind of thing.

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