Pictorial: LOBSTER!!!!!!!!

LOBSTER ROLL: sandwiched between buttery toasted bread, this is God’s gift to mankind. The dressing is so subtle and the roll just steals the show. There isn’t that much lobster though, and um, it’s not something I’d order if I went to B+L on my own, but since I was sharing the lobster with Pete YESSSSSSSSSS lobster roll. I certainly didn’t regret this though. IT IS AMAZING. I think this is the star of the night, except it’s a bit..small (I’d rather pay £20 and eat the lobster)



LOBSTER SHOT #3: Each platter comes with a side of fries & clarified butter & the yummiest garden salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing!!!! Um I swear the salad was actually pretty good – vegetables were crisp and not limp as though it’s been set aside for days. BEST PART: LOADS OF CHERRY TOMATOES!!!!

THIS IS NO SMALL LOBSTER. I was really surprised when it arrived at our table, cos it was REALLY value for £££ looking at the size of it. LOOKING THROUGH ALL THE PICTURES IS DRIVING ME NUTS I WANT SOME LOBSTERRRRRRRR NOW SIGH I COULD DREAM ABOUT IT I SWEAR. I will leave you with other raving reviews about this amazing place: x x x

Note: Having only opened about a month plus ago, B+L is taking London by storm. When Tess went on a Thursday night at about 7 plus, she was only seated at 9.50pm. Pete & I went at 3pm on a Friday and it was about 70% full; we easily scored a table. Weekend waits should be about 3 hours long. Call ahead to find out about the wait time, call to put yourself on the waiting list as they don’t accept reservations, or just simply go at non-peak hours.

Yeah trust me, I really didn’t know if I wanted to post this online lest one of the best secret spots will be known to public. But anyway doesn’t matter, since I’ve already tried it now HEHEHEHEHEHE ^^ Thanks Tess for the rec!!!!

Burger + Lobster
29 Clarges Street
London W1J 7EF
Nearest Tube: Green Park

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  1. TESS says:

    YAY LOBSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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