Hello friends!! I know, I have been LAZY in updating but because Kenneth reminded me that I have a legacy of tummytay to upkeep/maintain/omg idk how do I describe continuing a legacy? I am BACK. It’s one of those days that I’m not swamped with work (yay!) and so more pictures too. This entry is all about L-O-N-D-O-N because I’ve visited London about 4 times this year and have had really good food thr, albeit expensive because well, it’s London. Without further ado..

The Elvis milkshake (the creme one) was outstanding, with a strong peanut butter taste coming through. I LOVE. The breakfast shake was so-so, with strawberry, bananas and oats.

Eggs Royale: Didn’t like the hollandaise sauce which was very thick.

This was the American breakfast I think. The pancakes were lousy and a disappointment. They were chewy and tough to cut. The sausage was burnt and tough, which made it really quite hard to eat. The golden syrup wasn’t enough for me and when I requested more they charged me extra for more syrup >( However, being really famished and upset from the 6-1 loss, I guess food was still… food. Can’t complain much.

I think The Breakfast Club has quite a cool concept (Wild Honey anyone?) but the food is really kind of overrated, and for the amount that I’m going to pay I can eat better elsewhere.

There was a better cafe that I went to, however…

Lantana toasted banana bread with whipped blueberry butter

Poached or scrambled eggs on white sourdough toast – I’m sorry for this picture, my lenses were dirty and it was quite difficult making a mountain of eggs look good due to my lack of photography skills

This was a quaint little cafe around Goodge area that Peter brought me to; it was AMAZING. It felt like a place where I could sit around with my cuppa (they do a mean latte by the way) and read my day away.. your typical Australian cafe, really. People were friendly, food was good, especially the banana bread with blueberry butter, OMG that one was something different – never knew how banana + blueberry could actually complement each other until now!!!!! Writing about this is making me very hungry at 12am… I want some warm banana bread now 😦

The Breakfast Club
33 D’Arblay Street
London W1F 8EU

13 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SN

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