Traipsing through Chinatown

If you haven’t seen this already, the above is a video done by my friend Wong Renjie (GalleryxSpace and Gallery X) who’s a mad cool photographer. This video was made on our day out to Chinatown back when I was on holiday in Singapore! There was so much food that we ate that day – Koi Honey Milk Tea, Dimsum at Yan Palace Restaurant (one of the most authentic dim sum in Singapore; love going to places where it’s filled with old people eating dimsum :D), Cake at K Ki at Ann Siang, barbequed squid at a roadside stall, and then Crystal Jade for dinner! I really grew fatter that day 😦

Anyway on to the review! Renjie and I shared the Emily cake at K Ki. I love K Ki. It’s so quaint. Tucked away at the corner of Ann Siang Hill, you kind of need to go round the corner to find it because the door isn’t on the main road, which is what adds to the tranquility of it, I suppose. It shares a space with The Little Drom Store, which has the largest Polaroid 600 collection I’ve seen ever. (Not that I’ve seen many). I love how the space is white and very, very clean, letting light stream through the glass windows.

This is Emily, a champagne-strawberry light sponge cake. I hesitate to call it a cake because the cake layer is really really thin. It’s more of a pudding-cake. And when you lift your fork to cut a small piece of that cake, the entire thing wobbles. That’s how delicate it is. The champagne and strawberry do complement each other well I have to say – Renjie loved the combination very much. As for me.. I like cakes that are uhm, more cake-y and less mousse-y. Athena would love this because she loves light cakes. Even for me who likes light cakes – Japanese cheesecake and Lana Chocolate Cake, anyone? – this was pushing it. It was more pudding than cake which I really didn’t like. And it cost $8. I guess you pay for ambience and art. Overall, I still think K Ki is worth a visit, just to try the rest of the cakes and the coconut sables which they were baking when we were there. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked goods.

K Ki
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791

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